Random Acts of Usefulness


Often we feel like we are out here battling against the newest AI (Artificial Intelligence ) devices, working to prove the value we offer in physical human form – and the truth is, what we can offer will always be more personalized, intuitive and altogether invaluable compared to what any number of devices could provide. It’s all about discovering the areas your particular executive needs the most help with. 

One thing that any AI device would never be able to provide is the human connection – being able to observe, empathize and anticipate anything your exec would need. This is where looking for off-the-cuff ways to offer assistance will remind your exec how you have their best interests at heart – we call these, Random Acts of Usefulness. 

Filling in the Gaps on an Off Day

Who knows your Executive’s daily routine better than you? And who would know when they are having an off day? Certainly not an Alexa device. Being able to recognize when your Executive is having a rough day and being able to take over some smaller tasks to help them through is something they will be grateful for. Possibly even knowing what small gestures would lift their spirits – a note, special beverage or meal, even just an asprin and a glass of water. Anyone can appreciate knowing that someone is looking out for them when things are off. 

Coming to Help in Crisis

Sometimes you will be asked to step in and work extra in times of crisis, but how much better is it to volunteer before it is even asked of you. It shows willingness and incentive – and it shows that you are aware of the circumstances that would require you to step in. 

Never Forget a Birthday or Anniversary

Executives have so many things going on in their professional life that sometimes personal life gets overlooked. If it’s not already in your list of things to do, take it upon yourself to note special dates (kids birthdays, anniversaries, etc) that would need reminding. Do some research to already know what types of gifts would be appropriate to suggest for each event so your executive doesn’t need to stress. 

Reminders of Self Care

We all know self care is important. It is also overlooked quite frequently. Have you noticed your Executive looking a little more worn out than normal? Take it upon yourself to offer to hold their calls, or schedule them a self care appointment. Maybe even have some numbers on hand that do office calls. Your exec will feel much better after the care. 


Meet Joanne Linden, CPS, CEAP, CWCA President and Master Trainer