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ACE Peer Learning Network™

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ACE Peer Learning Network™ understands the global perspective on what it takes to be the crusader supporting your organization's admin community; build on what you have; programs that inspire participation. All with the support of your own peer-to-peer network.


ACE Peer Learning Network™ member dues are annual and include quarterly 2.5-hour LIVE virtual meetings, and the prestigious ACE Speaker Series that will feature speakers who are subject matter experts sharing their points of wisdom. The ACE Speaker Series is for ACE Members Only where all members are invited. Included with membership are the 30-minute monthly video chats and 1 hour quarterly meetups for all members, and invitations to key Administrative Professionals events. In addition, ACE member companies will receive 10% off on any AdminUniverse™ training.

Each ACE cohort will be capped at 10 members to maintain an intimate setting where it is easy for all attendees to participate in discussions. If members are unable to attend their regularly scheduled meeting, they will have the opportunity to make up that meeting by attending another ACE cohort's meeting date, based on availability.

ALL Virtual meetings are conducted live and provide an encrypted, secure environment tailored to each ACE cohort.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a platform for CEO and C-Suite assistants to share and compare best practices; discover how to become leaders and advocates for our administrative teams; discuss challenges of supporting a high-powered Executive; determine how to take the Executive/EA partnership to the next level making the Executive/Assistant team as dynamic as possible and in the process enhancing the Executive's productivity.

ACE Speaker Series Premire Event

About the Program

ACE Peer Learning Network™ Speaker Series Presents
Dr. Michelle Rozen - Expert on Leading Change


DETAILS: Virtual Event - January 26, 2022. Via Zoom: 11 AM to 12 PM - Pacific Time. For a sneak peak at what our speaker has to say during the event click on her picture, and/or complete the Membership invitation request form.

As part of the ACE Peer Learning Network's continued mission to provide its members with quality programming, I’m excited to announce our first speaker in our 2022 ACE Speaker Series this Wednesday, January 26th.

I think many of us can relate to experiencing some form of change whether in our business or personal lives. To address change management, Dr. Michelle Rozen (aka the Change Doctor) will speak on Wednesday January 26 from 11:00am – 12:00pm PT. Please block this time on your calendar. A Zoom proposal will follow early next week.

Dr. Michelle’s powerful strategies for leading changes have transformed the lives, performance and success of leading brands in all industries. These science-based, easy to apply strategies have given attendees the actionable solutions and powerful confidence to thrive through change, all the way to off the charts results. This is an insights-packed experience, full of humor and audience engagement, that will not only motivate you to lead change with confidence, but will also show you, in the most practical way, exactly how.

Leave change resistance in the dust behind you, with Dr. Michelle’s actionable and engaging experience for leading change with confidence. You too can lead change with confidence and get to the results that you want and deserve in every aspect of your life.

I look forward to seeing you on the member call.

Joanne Linden, CPS, CEAP, CWCA
President, Master Trainer and Author

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One Step Ahead Membership

Give yourself a reason to learn something new; get answers from top-level Executive Assistants; Stay one step ahead of your Executive by understanding what's trending.

Benefits of joining:

  • Build meaningful business connections
  • Receive diverse perspectives and fresh insights on how to overcome similar challenges Executive Assistants face
  • Discover new ideas and concepts that can be implemented immediately either in the office of the Executive or in the company
  • Benchmark how other companies apply business practices/policies
  • Ability to tap into collective experience to solve daily issues such as vendor referrals, hotel/restaurant recommendations, etc.
  • Virtual - Live - Meetings offering enriched knowledge and peer sharing platform
  • ACE Chats and Meet-ups offering member networking
  • ACE Speaker Series featuring subject matter experts with timely answers to issues effecting Assistants, Chiefs of Staff and C-Suite Executives.

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ACE Peer Learning Network™
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ACE Summit 2020 - "Rebounding with Purpose" hit all the marks, with guest speakers Geoffrey A. Moore, author of Zone to Win and Crossing the Chasm; Amy Vetter, author of Business Balance & Bliss; and Alana Wright, speaker and facilitator for David Allen and "Getting Things Done."

Event host - Joanne Linden, President of AdminUniverse and Founder of ACE.


Reviews are in and the second annual ACE SUMMIT 2019 was an outstanding hit! Our speaker John Rodriguez, Principal Consultant, The Table Group, Founder, JR Consulting was extremely engaging, informative and passionate in his delivery. This interactive event delivered beyond expectations, with everyone feeling drained from staying the day, yet to the person, energized with new ideas to share with their executives. Thank you all for your trust and support.



AmyK Hutchens, delivers big time with her presentation of "Ignite Brilliance in Your Leadership". Check out her message to ACE members.


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