About Star Achievement Series ®

AdminUniverse™ is proud to be an authorized user and training facilitator for the Star Achievement Series® created by Joan Burge, founder and CEO, Office Dynamics International. Since 1990, this ground-breaking program has been a training staple for world-class employers who value administrative effectiveness and workplace excellence.

The Star Achievement Series® is built upon Office Dynamics’ innovative workplace philosophy, star performance. More than a training concept, Star Achievement is way to think, be and perform. The program consists of 3 Levels of learning. Each Level consists of 4 full day modules (workshops). The Levels do not correlate to the number of years someone has been in the profession. The Levels relate to the concepts and philosophies taught in the Star Achievement Series®, which is similar to a college course.

Innovative Curriculum

Each Level offers a high-energy curriculum, interactive learning techniques and progressive reinforcement of key learning points that have a cumulative effect on performance over time. While some of the module topics listed may sound similar to other training programs, please keep in mind that these topics are combined in such a way as to be most effective when implemented cumulatively. The information presented in each module expands upon the previous module’s content, growing in complexity as the Series progresses enhancing the learning experience.

Star Achivement Philosophy

At its core, Star Achievement Series®, represents a philosophy of excellence that says to each person; “You have the potential to be a star performer at work.” It just takes the right combination of:

  • Skill: Learning new skills and developing the business and people skills you already have.
  • Attitude: Achieving and maintaining a positive attitude about your employer, co-workers, clients and yourself.
  • Teamwork: Being a part of, and contributing to, various team relationships inside and outside the organization.
  • Strategy: Setting goals and cultivating networks to actualize your professional self.

This unique combination of Skill, Attitude, Teamwork and Strategy is the foundation of this curriculum. The program goes beyond traditional basic skill training to incorporate a broad selection of interpersonal and self-development courses which give your administrative office professionals the behavioral foundation to continue growth well beyond the training period. This series focuses on innovative methods of teaching, including interactive role plays, presentations, exercises, timed activities, team competitions, puzzle assembly, values auction, group discussion and more. These exercises are energizing, challenging, fun, and have gotten rave reviews by thousands of administrative professionals across the country in a variety of industries and government agencies.

Star Achievement Far Outshines Other Administrative Programs

  • The Star Achievement Series® was designed and developed by Joan Burge; 39+ years’ experience with the administrative profession; worked 20 years in the field; since 1990 has helped thousands of admins achieve extraordinary career success.
  • Master trainer for the AdminUniverse™ course training is Joanne Linden, Master Trainer, CPS, CEAP, CWCA, Author, Speaker; 30 years in the administrative profession and has specialized in supporting Silicon Valley High-Technology CEO’s for over 20 of those years. Joanne has successfully trained 100’s of administrative professionals in Star Achievement Series® Level I, II and III.
  • Follow-up Activities and Action Items are provided in each workbook so participants can continue learning beyond the workshop experience.
  • Certification with the Star Achievement Series® training, you can receive your curriculum-based designation, CEAP (Certified Executive Administrative Professional) for attending Levels I and II and fulfilling certain requirements.
  • Administrative professionals love the program schedule as it is designed for the busy administrative professional.
  • This series has been taught and evaluated by thousands of administrative professionals worldwide.
  • Appropriate for all types of industries/markets, including government, military, and academic environments.
  • Designed for employees with a variety of administrative professional titles.
  • High-energy curriculum keeps participants involved and interested from morning until the end of the day!
  • Star Savers™ (tips and tricks) are provided for each module.

BONUS: With the Star Achievement Series® training, you can receive your curriculum-based designation, CEAP (Certified Executive Administrative Professional) for attending Levels I and II and fulfilling certain requirements.