Keeping it Casual: Dressing for the office vs. Zoom

It’s been eerily quiet in offices buildings and spaces over the past two years, but now companies are opening their doors to their teams and tugging employees away from their carefully crafted work-from-home offices and Zoom screens… for the most part. But what will the office attire look like now, and how can you make sure to stay on top of it?

Yes, we know that all this fashion talk isn’t what you would normally find in our blogs, but how you represent yourself visually is a big indicator of where your professional priorities are. It’s one thing to stay comfy in your livingroom office, no one around except kids, pets or a partner, but once you are face-to-face with your boss or other companies, it’s important to care about your personal presentation. What statement are you going to make with your style?

We have turned to trusted publications, such as the New York Times, to check the pulse on new office styles, but sometimes your mind just draws a blank. For that reason, we love to discover and follow companies like Stitch Fix. They are a personal styling service where you can essential rent or try on different outfits that are curated for you by their stylists. We love their approach to fashion, and work style in particular. Their own Vice President of Women’s, Katherine Watts, has been quoted, “

“Dress codes are becoming an antiquated way of the past, similar to the increasing irrelevance of the standard 40-hour workweek. As the workforce engages in more flexibility, so, too, should employers and how they think about dictating dress codes.”

What we will start to see in the offices, are flexible staples that allow women to mix and match casual with some of their formal pieces. This makes it much easier to transition from Zoom to the conference room. For example, athleisure at your desk, but slipping onan old blazer for meetings.

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