Our Mission

The team at AdminUniverse™ has come together to share their energy, passion and expertise to bring programs that inspire and challenge administrative professionals to take their own inner wisdom and knowledge and perform at a level higher than ever before anticipated. Join our experts as they provide inspiration, leadership and endless possibilities and opportunities for success.

It is the mission of AdminUniverse™ to exceed the expectations of our clients through the delivery of superior services, training and educational programs that reward them by enhancing their skills, self-esteem and personal value, both for themselves and their employers. We will continually strive to improve our products and services to benefit our clients, meeting their current and future needs and expectations. Ultimately, to “Aspire you to greatness.”

Joanne Linden, cps, ceap, cwca

About Our Master Trainer

Joanne Linden, AdminUniverse™ President and Master Trainer, has over thirty years of administrative experience. She has dedicated decades of her life and career to this integral position in the corporate world. She has assisted numerous current administrators advance their careers by facilitating Star Achievement Series® workshops to nearly 1,000 Administrative Professionals and Executive Assistants.