Stop Being a Creature of Habit – 3 Ideas

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…Every year the majority of us reflect in December, telling ourselves next year we really need to lose weight, exercise more, look for a new job, do more of this or that. As you reviewed your resolutions/goals for 2014 and mentally prepared to take this list on like a steam train rolling down the tracks at 80 miles per hour – it’s full steam ahead on January 1st.

At this point you are focused on good intentions and a positive outlook for the year to come. Unfortunately like the many of us, by January 8th, you’ve lost all your steam and moved on from your ambitious goals to settling back into your normal pattern of life. Here are 3 tips for breaking the code of being a “Creature of Habit”, and getting back on track:

1. Goal setting is one thing, but actually following through on a consistent basis is another. Start by making realistic goals for yourself. Write your goals down and at the same time, write down an action for each goal you’ve set. For example, if you really want to lose weight and say you want to drop 20, 30 or more pounds, make that your year-end goal. Then be practical about it and set an action item on how you plan to accomplish that goal. Start with a small goal to drop 1 to 5 pounds per month. Your action item should include what you will do differently i.e. stop eating after 8 pm, or exercise every day for 10 minutes, etc. Setting a long term goal, accompanied by small action items will ultimately deliver success. Guess what? When you accomplish this first level goal, it will inspire you to keep going.

2. Share your goals/resolutions with your friends and pick just one friend to be your coach. By telling people what you want to accomplish, you subliminally make a commitment. If you have a friend who shares in your goal for weight loss, buddy up with him/her and suggest you both check in once a week to see how you’re doing.

3. Look for a job or make your job better as a goal? We are all enjoying the benefits of our economy picking up, and with a booming economy comes the opportunity to find a better job and/or career growth in your current company. Either choice could be the right one for you and understanding that both choices are in your control, not someone else’s, will make attaining your goal more realistic.

Start by reflecting on what you like and don’t like about your current position/company/executive and ask yourself, what can I do to improve this situation? Write it down with an “A” / “B” list. On the “A” side write down what you like about your current position.

On the “B” side write down what you don’t like. By understanding your likes and dislikes, it will also help you find the next “right” job if you chose this as a goal. As in the above tips, write down your long term goal, then break the goal down to action items along the way. For the items you don’t like, perhaps there is a way to make them a positive, and your goal can focus on what action items are needed to make things change. Best case, if you see there are huge negatives that can’t be changed, it will guide you to the right decision for yourself.

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Wishing you and your family a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!


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