Six Ways to Enhance Admin Creativity

Though notoriously uncomfortable bedfellows, work relies on creativity. To hone your strategic mind, AdminUniverse has compiled a list of six essential tips for developing your creativity at work

Administrative Professionals are planners, organizers, strategists, and key collaborators with their managers and peers.  Many admins will be the first to claim they aren’t creative, but what they don’t realize is that much of their work process relies on creativity. To hone your creative mind, and give a high-level view of the integration of creativity into your daily workflow, we’ve compiled a list of six essential tips for developing your creativity at work:

  1. One-size Does Not Fit All:

While a quick Google search can point you to a list of articles flaunting 100 tips to improve your creativity, it’s important you remember, what works for them may not work for you. For instance, while music may enhance your friend’s creativity, for you, it may serve as a mere distraction. Instead, map out a creative process fitting your task or goals. Paired with your job, abilities, you’ll be surprised at how often your already using creativity to solve daily work challenges.

  1. Think Visual:

Regardless of your role or responsibilities, researching data and ideas is an incredibly effective way to see your creative vision. Some office challenges might prompt you to stop looking at the screen, get off your chair, and make your way to the whiteboard. Even consider bringing your team or peers along with you for inspiration—all the while promoting collaboration and leadership.  

  1. Get Physical:

Engaging in physical activity can unlock your mind and bring clarity to thinking. Simple mental breaks will promote greater overall health and better focus on your tasks. Take a walk outside or consider going for a jog.  Jogging at work is no easy task, but it sure clears the mind.

  1. Take a Break:

The worst killers of creativity are dreaded mental blocks and burning out, both tough things to avoid. It’s essentially impossible to nurture creativity when you’re suffering from one or both. Sometimes, we all need to take a step back and allow our tired brains the ability to reboot. Once the mental break has served its purpose, let the creative juices return to normal schedule.

  1. Treat Yourself:

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Reward your successes, no matter how small. Without them, the long-term goals will never be met. A word of caution, watch your calorie count and put your credit card away. There’s a thin line between the proper amount of treat vs addictive behavior when using “I need to treat myself.”

  1. The Creative Process:

The foundation of creativity is learning. As you hone your creative thinking, you’ll go on to invent new processes and produce innovative ideas. In essence, you’ll flourish. Remember, nothing is off the table or too outlandish. Buts and ifs have no place in the realm of creativity.

While creativity isn’t a one-size-fits-all ability, it is the root of individual success. Though some industries permit a more evident stance than others, it is undeniably the essence of any efficient company.

AdminUniverse™ offers programs and workshops that inspire the creative process, and often with immediate results to take with you, and share with others. It’s creativity that sets you apart from the rest.

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