Show Intolerance the Way Out

Show Intolerance the way out
3 key ways Admins can use respect and empathy to drive performance and create a positive work environment

Any organization’s ability to thrive depends greatly on people being willing and able to work well together. How well your team members share ideas, engage in robust debates and make decisions influences the extent to which full potential is realized. How people learn and move forward together is fundamental to your organization’s ability to survive and thrive. 

As an Administrative Professional, you have the opportunity to mold the attitude towards diversity in the your office. Here are 4 Points of Wisdom (POWs) that Administrative Assistants can utilize to influence sensitivity and tolerance in the workplace:

POW #1 Lead by example

Never lose sight of the effect that your attitude has on your workplace environment. Reflect on the ways in which you influence tolerance. Do you bring an open and fair minded approach to your role? Do you influence the way leaders in your organization view diversity and the power of difference? Do you demonstrate patience when dealing with emotional issues?

As the Administrative Professional, you are a central link in the company. Your ability to communicate with everyone in the workplace makes you the best venue to share your knowledge and lead by example. 

POW #2 Educate

Take steps to educate people about the link between respectful conduct and the ability to leverage a diverse team through collaboration. Begin by helping people appreciate the power of diversity, and teach them why tolerance and sensitivity matter to building great relationships with anyone, but especially those who are different to them.

Help people understand that, frequently, with differences come challenges. An inability for people to appreciate and work constructively with those who are different to them is a common roadblock to team success. A lack of understanding often leads to a lack of tolerance and in turn insensitivity.

POW #3 Set clear expectations

Define what it means in your workplace to behave with respect and sensitivity. Work with both your Executives and the members of your team to clearly articulate what successful behaviors look like, as well as those considered damaging and undesirable. Take the time to ensure every member of your team understands what is expected, and that managers know how to reinforce expectations.


Meet Joanne Linden, CPS, CEAP, CWCA President and Master TrainerMeet Joanne Linden, CPS, CEAP, CWCA President and Master Trainer, who was an administrative professional herself, and her teaching style is grounded in authentic office experience. AdminUniverse™ can help you improve yourself, widen your skill set, and advance your career.