Star Achievement Series® Level – II

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Star Achievement Series® – Level II

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Tuesday March 2 / Wednesday March 10 / Tuesday March 16 / Monday March 22
Final Registration: TODAY FRIDAY< February 26, 2021

4-Module Certification & Designation Course – $1,395.00
[Individual make-up modules $495.00 ea.*]

The Star Achievement Series® training program consists of three Levels of learning. Each Level consists of 4 modules, held live & virtual, conveniently spread out over a 3-4 week period. The Star Levels do not correlate to the number of years someone has been in the profession. The Levels relate to concepts and philosophies taught in Star Achievement®, similar to college courses. Completion of Level l and Level ll offer the Certification and Designation Certified Executive Administrative Professional (CEAP). Completion of Level lll earns college credit.

Level II, Module 1

Tuesday March 2

Be A Star Achiever™
You present yourself every day. You present yourself on the telephone. You send visual messages to individuals who approach you. Every day you come in contact with many people: co-workers, customers, vendors, and other business professionals. Your personal presentation style and speaking abilities will either enhance or detract from the point you are trying to make.

As important is the ability to assertively communicate your needs. There is a fine line between being assertive and coming across as aggressive. Your ability to clearly communicate with others can be one of your best business assets.

You Will Learn to:

  • Become more confident when speaking to and in front of others
  • Tactfully handle challenging situations
  • Project the image you want to project
  • Generate enthusiasm for your ideas
  • Assertively communicate your needs
  • Gain awareness of the risk involved in being assertive
  • Help others see your side in situations that will benefit the whole
  • Creatively problem solve

Level II, Module 2

Wednesday March 10

Give A Stellar Performance™
Work is becoming increasingly demanding in all professions as emphasis in the workplace shifts from individual, specialized performance to multi-functional, generalized performance. Although many employees are in specialized positions, many more are moving into roles that demand flexibility and diversified skills. Across industries, employees are being asked to do more work, display a variety of roles, support multiple managers, and still maintain quality. Interpersonal skills and the ability to manage one’s thoughts and behaviors becomes imperative.

You Will Learn to:

  • Identify and evaluate elements that may be creating stress at work
  • Apply self-management techniques vs. stress management tips
  • Cope with specific difficult people types
  • Listen in order to understand another person’s point of view
  • Create a win-win situation when handling conflict

Develop a healthy work spirit, including:

  • Keeping an open mind
  • Gaining a full sense of self
  • Becoming a risk taker
  • Being creative at work
  • Master your career

Level II, Module 3

Tuesday March 16

Stellar Collaborator™
Teamwork can be seen in three levels or stages: the first level is teamwork, the second level is partnership, and the third level is synergy. It takes more than thinking you know someone to build a partnership. And it takes more than showing up for work every day and doing your job as outlined. To truly grow into partnership with the people you support, you must know their characteristics and understand their work philosophies and habits.
The third level, synergy, means cooperative action of separate parties such that the total effect is greater than the sum of the effects taken independently. In other words, two heads are better than one. Synergy is thinking alike on many things, but also having an appreciation for each other’s differences.

You Will Learn to:

  • Adapt to and leverage your boss’s manager or leader orientation
  • Encourage your manager to change ineffective work patterns
  • Build a partnership with the management team
  • Be cognizant of your manager’s style
  • Help your manager maintain a competitive edge
  • Apply the “strength in unity” philosophy with peers to positively impact the bottom line
  • Increase team productivity

Level II, Module 4

Monday March 22

Future Focused Star Performer™
As a star-performing employee, you should be aware of emerging work and world trends so you can prepare for them and remain on the cutting edge. Trends covering everything from the technology you use to the structure of work itself and changing work patterns will affect you. Thriving on change is critical to your personal and professional success. As organizations also experience great change, they need employees who are committed to quality performance and can streamline their jobs. All levels of employees are becoming more involved in decision making, problem solving, and leadership.

You Will Learn to:

  • Recognize predicted work trends and determine how they will affect your future
  • Prepare skills and attitudes for the future
  • Discover why people resist change
  • Recognize the three related aspects of change that affect your reactions to change
  • Optimize change using ten strategies
  • Apply the star performance philosophy to quality performance
  • Develop a “whatever it takes” attitude
  • Emerge as a leader
  • Use creative thinking and determine ways to become a supernova, a rising star!
  • Stay on the cutting edge

Final Registration: TODAY – FRIDAY – February 26, 2021
Prerequisite – Level l completion

* NOTE: Make-up modules available for those who missed workshop scheduled modules, and is open to all Star Achievement Series® participants. Includes: Module material, 60 minute refresh on previous course material, 4 hour live presentation presented virtually with one to one interaction, 30 minute follow-up coaching session, and upon completion of all 4 Level ll modules, the Certified Executive Administrative Professional (CEAP) Certificate and Designation.


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