Star Achievement Series® Level I

Star Achievement Series® Level l Workshop
Here’s what you will learn:

Module 1 – Attitude (Starts May 3, 2018)

  • “Choose” the attitude you want to embrace
  • Achieve and maintain a positive attitude about your employers, co-workers, customers and self
  • Focus on self change vs. changing others
  • Overcome intimidating situations or people
  • Recognize and conquer fears that hold you back from progressing in your job
  • Accept criticism as a tool to grow
  • Deal with difficult people in a tactful and professional manner

Module 2 – Skill (May 24, 2018)

  • Embrace the Star Achievement philosophy
  • Assess current skill level and identify areas for growth
  • Record winning personal voice mail messages
  • Leave succinct voice mail messages
  • Write effective emails
  • Cut the length of phone calls by about 40%
  • Tap into another person’s communication style to build rapport
  • Execute and facilitate successful meetings
  • Manage and prioritize tasks
  • Challenge present processes that no longer work

Module 3 – Teamwork (June 13, 2018

  • Embrace the qualities of good team players
  • Be a good team player
  • Clarify your manager’s expectations and perceptions
  • Communicate accurate, timely and relevant information
  • Initiate conversation with your manager
  • Explore hidden communication and the effects on the team relationship
  • Give positive feedback to your manager
  • Listen, not just hear

Module 4 – Strategy (Final Day – July 12, 2018)

  • Navigate your career through goal setting
  • Align professional goals with company and department goals
  • Turn obstacles into opportunities
  • Cultivate internal and external networks – Contacts Count!
  • Expand your network
  • Get your talents noticed at work
  • Present a powerful professional image
  • Enhance credibility through visible presentation

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