Organization: A Crucial Skill

Being organized is the key to an Administrative Professional’s success. Hone this skill-set to become crucial to your company’s success!

Administrative Professionals hold a unique position in the workplace.  Their ‘daily duties’ happen to be whatever needs to be done that day. Because of this lack of uniformity in their responsibilities, it can be difficult to find a rhythm, meaning it can also be easy to become disorganized. Unfortunately, this is not an option, as a company’s capacity to stay on track hinges upon an Administrative Professional’s ability to right the ship. Below are some organizational tips to help you exceed your superiors’ expectations and become an integral part of your workplace.

Stay Away from Multitasking:

Instead of attempting the impossible—doing multiple tasks at once—manage your time, instead. Setting aside chunks of your day that are dedicated to completing specific tasks or projects can make a world of a difference when you’re trying to keep track of everything that comes across your desk. In fact, this will increase the quality of the work you do because you will be devoting your undivided attention to these tasks, instead of splitting time and effort between two or three at the same time.

Set Realistic Goals:

Oftentimes, we become unorganized because we take on too much work. As an Administrative Professional, you should set realistic goals every day for what you plan to accomplish. That way, instead of constantly staring at an intimidatingly large mound of work that seems like it will never get done, you can break it into sections, dedicating yourself to completely finishing tasks. Once a project is finished, it can be filed and put away, barred from ever cluttering your desk again.

Take a Break:

This may seem counter-intuitive to an Administrative Professional that has TONS to do, but if you don’t take a break, it’s much easier to lose focus and let your productive organizational habits slip into haphazard unorganized work routines. Taking time to yourself throughout the day is not only important to your mental health as a human being outside the office, but it is important for your company that you are on top of your game, as well. Even when it seems like you don’t have time to inhale, it’s a good idea to take a step outside or to go to the break room for a drink.

Being organized is key to an Administrative Professional’s success in the workplace. Hone this skill-set to become a mover and shaker in the office. You will be appreciated, but more importantly, you will become crucial to your company’s success.

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