Investing in Continued Education For Your Role

Meet Joanne Linden, CPS, CEAP, CWCA President and Master Trainer

Give yourself the gift of education this year and prepare yourself for 2021 by curating a list of workshops, tutorials, and events to participate in to stay up-to-date and ahead in your industry. 

Change is inevitable and all around us. This year has thrown a few curve balls at all professionals, administrative or otherwise. We have had to educate ourselves about the latest teamwork, document sharing, and communication applications with work becoming almost completely virtual. Americans are now anticipating changes made within the government for the next four years, which can impact businesses. With all this change, it is important to stay knowledgeable in your field and become the most efficient Executive Assistant you can be. Many careers mandate continued education, so why not make it a priority in yours? 

Benefits to Continuing Education

To assure that your administrative position continues to fulfill and interest you for years to come, a hunger to learn more about your field is necessary. As I said earlier, the world is constantly changing, which requires one to be aware of the latest innovations used in the office environment. For example, all of the Assistants with previous knowledge of virtual communication applications were most likely ahead of the game when the pandemic hit this year and I am sure this knowledge made a positive impression on the Executive he or she works for.

Knowledge also leads to bigger and better ideas to execute everyday office tasks more efficiently. It is helpful to keep up with the tools being created for this purpose. Let’s face it, the aging mind often forgets many details learned during college years and continued education will allow you to refresh your memory regularly. Finally, for the Executive Assistants looking to climb the administrative ladder, it is almost a must to make sure you know just as much, if not more, than the more seasoned Assistants. You will stick out by bringing fresh ideas to the table. By obtaining more knowledge in the field of administration, you will gain more power within the company you work for. It is as simple as that.

Ways to Continue Your Education

Continuing education does not mean a professional must drop everything and go back to school. There are many ways to obtain knowledge, both formal and casual. Many websites and educational programs offer certifications, courses that may last a few months at a time, and workshops for those of us who are no longer enrolled in college. If your time is too limited for these longer options, there are many books on the topic of the administrative field and even articles one can save to keep a new technique or list of applications you have recently come across in your arsenal. For example, the blog entitled The Effective Admin offers up to date insights into the administrative professions. The blog writer, Karen Porter, also gives a list of suggested books to read.

Formal Education

Office Dynamics International, the global industry leader in the development and presentation of sophisticated executive and administrative assistant training, coaching, and resources, is an excellent platform many professionals use to find ways to continue their education. Even in a world where COVID-19 makes it difficult to leave the house for work, let alone training, this business makes online learning possible through their online courses, live webinars, and virtual events. AdminUniverse has teamed up with Office Dynamics International and is offering to have their most respected class series for discounted prices, but you need to act fast.

Beginning January 11th, 2021, AdminUniverse is offering a virtual version of The Star Achievement Series. According to, “Star Achievement Series®  is created for the Administrative Professional who wants to expand their career and enhance work performance with immediate results.“ Comparable to a college course, there are three levels of this innovative program, each comprised of four modules or virtual workshops, spread throughout four weeks. We offer Level I at a 10% discounted price that includes all materials like workbooks and two individual thirty-minute follow up coaching sessions for those who sign up by November 30th. You can watch this video to learn more or go to the AdminUniverse Star Achievement Series page for a full breakdown of the course material. The final day to register, which takes place after the discount deadline, will be January 5th, 2021.

The World Class Assistant certification and curriculum-based designation program is also being offered at a 10% discounted price through AdminUniverse. The upcoming courses are now virtual for 2021 and the discount deadline for this class will be January 11th, 2021. The absolute final registration deadline, without the discount, will be on January 20th. More importantly, spaces for the upcoming 2021 events are limited to 40 people. To learn more about this four-part series, made up of three-hour-long Zoom sessions each, the skills you will develop, the course topics, and what is included in the purchase, please review the World Class Assistant 2021 virtual brochure.

Please visit the AdminUniverse Register Page to sign up while the sale is still active. Continuing your education as an Executive Assistant will always help and never hurt the future of your career. It is imperative to learn and grow to best support your executive, team, and organization and create upward mobility in your career path.


Meet Joanne Linden, CPS, CEAP, CWCA President and Master Trainer