How to: Know When it’s Time for Something New

What happens when you realize that you have outgrown your role? Knowing when it’s time to move on is important, especially in your career. Whether your work environment is less than ideal, or you have simply outgrown your position, let’s discuss the clear signs that you should start orchestrating your exit.

Most people remember Mark Twain’s words stating, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Why waste your time in this life we are given working hard in a position you do not enjoy? Some professionals may not even realize they are unhappy with their job, and if they do, they may be too comfortable or simply afraid to leave. An article on entitled 5 Undeniable Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Job guides professionals to a clear awareness of how they feel at work and what signals show they need to find a new position elsewhere.

Are You Unhappy Every Day Doing Your Work?

It is a pretty clear sign that a professional needs to move on if they do not feel fulfilled at work. Notice if you feel respected enough for your work and if you can be yourself in your work environment. If not, do not ignore these feelings. Act on them.

Is Your Work Environment Toxic?

It is a major red flag if you are not treated appropriately by your team, boss, or even the company’s human resources. If you disagree with the ethics and mission of the company you work for, you will never enjoy contributing to it at work. Do the leadership and environment give you room to achieve growth? Do not get stuck in a role you cannot use to propel your career.

Do You Feel Confident That You Have Mastered the Skills Your Position Requires?

Kathy Caprino, the author of the article mentioned above, explains this sign perfectly when she says, “What we’re good at is not the same as what we love doing.” If you are expending all of your energy doing something menial simply because you know you can do it, you will eventually become burnt out.

Do You Feel Like You Are Meant To Do Bigger and Better Things?

Many professionals have a hard time voicing that they feel their skills could be applied in a position with a broader reach and more responsibilities because it may sound arrogant. Do not ignore this feeling. It only shows confidence and signals that a role you can be more effective in is out there. Finding this role will come with future satisfaction!

Are Your Work Goals Meaningful to You?

If the answer to the above question is no, this is a significant sign you need to find another position elsewhere. Why work hard towards an outcome if you do not feel like you positively contribute to the world? There is no way for you to succeed in your role if you do not believe in what you’re doing.

Leaving the comfort of your job can be difficult, but you do not want to look back on your career years down the road and feel regret. Concerns about money and starting a new job with new people in a new environment is not a reason to avoid moving on to your perfect role. These concerns mean you need to consider where you want to be before doing so. Just make sure you do move on when you see the signs.

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