Evolving: Learn Which Social Media Platforms are the Best


If you’re not familiar with social media, it’s overwhelming about where to start for your business. Does your business even have a social media presence? We can help you navigate the basics of each platform so you can provide the most value to that aspect of your role.

There are thousands of social media platforms on the Internet. To choose the right platform, or platforms, for your company, you need to ask:

  • What does management or the Executive you work for hope to achieve with social media marketing?
  • What platforms are the majority of your target audience, or the consumers, using the most? A good way to learn the answer to this question is to conduct a survey or go to the website for the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan organization that conducts global social science research.
  • What kind of content would your company like to share? A list of different types of content can be found in this blog post on the website of The Digital Marketing Institute.

Popular Social Media Platforms

When it comes to the number of active users each month, the social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are extremely popular.


An article on the website optinmonster.com reports that in Facebook‘s “third quarter of 2019 it was reported to have earned 17.652 billion dollars and a total of 66.529 billion dollars from the twelve months prior,” making your company’s reach that much larger. This social media platform also makes interaction with a company’s consumers easier. Companies with a very specific target audience utilize Facebook ads because you can narrow down your audience search using minute details. Except for heavily text-based content, business posts are normally comprised of a wide variety of content.


Instagram began and remains to primarily serve as a photo-sharing medium. With this social media platform, your company can reach an audience of lead generation users with consistently posted visual content, including short videos used in the form of Instagram Stories. Every tool is provided in mobile form, making it easy to market on the go, something busy Administrative and Executive Assistants will highly value. User-friendly tools like polls and e-commerce options make Instagram a crowd favorite from a sales perspective.


Much like Facebook, Twitter is a wonderful platform to use if you want to reach large quantities of people, under the age of 50, and quickly. For example, Marketing down on Twitter will benefit a company in the media industry that needs to post news content regularly. Twitter content is mainly text-based with some posts comprised of pictures and short video clips. Please note that pictures perform better on Twitter with audiences than videos do. If a busy Administrative or Executive Assistant can create several posts a day, a profile on Twitter can assist your company by primarily increasing their following.


The primary purpose of LinkedIn as a social media platform is to enable businesses to network with other businesses and professionals between the ages of 30 to 49. This platform is ideal for companies looking to hire. Companies with LinkedIn Business Pages often post editorial content informing others about a specific industry. If you are an Administrative or Executive Assistant for a small business, creating a profile on LinkedIn will help establish your brand as trustworthy by displaying the connections you have with other companies.


The same blog posts from the Digital Marketing Institute states that on Pinterest “over 90 percent of users plan purchases.” Many lifestyle industry-related small businesses Market with Pinterest to increase their number of consumers who are between the ages of 25 and 54. Optinmoster.com weighs in on Pinterest ads, writing that “On average, Pinterest gives a 4.3 dollar return for every one dollar spent on ads.” If the budget your company uses for marketing is small but accessible, Administrative and Executive Assistants will be happy to know that ads through Pinterest are less costly.


There are also video-based social media platforms like YouTube and highly interactive platforms like Reddit or Quora some companies use to drive traffic to their website. As long as an Administrative Professional focuses on his or her company’s identity, goals, and target audience, social media marketing will increase its number of consumers, facilitate networking with companies from the same industry, jumpstart its e-commerce, portray the brand in a positive, quality light, and much more.

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