Discovering Your Self Worth

Discovering Your Self Worth Blog
The value of where you are and what it will take to move to the next level in career and income.

Every person reaches a point where they are evaluating what their worth may be and what it will take to get to the next level in their personal life or career. Introspection is important, especially when it comes to creating goals and planning out how to move up in their role. Administrative Professionals constantly find themselves in this position, seeking out ways to leverage their experience and skillset to gain promotions throughout their career. 

To realize your self worth, you must be able to build confidence in your strengths and in your ability to overcome your obstacles. This foundational attitude is vital in your journey to evolving throughout your career. According to Positive Psychology, there are 4 Factors in determining your worth. Once you have been able to zero in on these 4 factors, it will be easier to perform a self-evaluation and develop a strategy to increase your worth in the areas that need the most attention. 


Determining the value of your appearance is not as superficial as it sounds. This is about how well you take care of yourself and what perception colleagues may have of you in a professional sense. Do you dress to the standard of the business, and even further – do you dress for the role that you wish to obtain?  Take a step back to look at how you present yourself in a business setting, even down to the smallest details of basic aesthetics and hygiene. You don’t need to look like you just stepped off the runway (unless, maybe, you work in the fashion industry and like The Devil Wears Prada you are required to prove your un-dying commitment to the fashion industry), but you do need to be aware of what you are communicating through your appearance. 


Life is all about relationships, especially in the business world. Why do you think such an emphasis is put onto networking events? Making the right connections is vital. You never know where a connection may lead, or when you may need it. Make it a point to develop a good working relationship with everyone you meet. When evaluating the value of your connections, think about the people who have moved you along the furthest, who has the potential to expand your opportunities and your circle, and who has been emotionally present to provide great advice. Some strong connections will be extremely obvious, while others are the silent heroes in the background. 

Where you have worked/ Your career

As a Professional Admin, your past experiences play quite extensively into your future. No matter what jobs you may have held before your role as an admin, you can always pick out skills, situations and lessons that you brought along with you into your role. Think about all the different skills you need to perform your daily duties – scheduling, organizing information, connecting with people, creating events, counseling peers, problem solving, sense of urgency, professionalism, etc. Break down everything that you do during the day and think about the past experiences that have helped you to perform to the best of your abilities. How will these experiences, as well as your current ones, help you in the future to evolve to a higher role?

What you achieve

We frequently use achievements to determine someone’s worth (whether it’s our own worth or someone else’s), such as success in business, scores on the SATs, or placement in a marathon or other athletic challenge. For this you may consider what you have achieved not only in your present role, but throughout your life. What do those accomplishments say about you, your work ethic, and the value you bring to your workplace? Achievements communicate that we had the vision and gumption to reach goals and gain notoriety. Whether it was your spelling bee in middle school, or your employee-of-the-month this year, look back on what you have accomplished in your life and be proud. 

Meet Joanne Linden, CPS, CEAP, CWCA President and Master Trainer