Coronavirus Caution as Silicon Valley Prepares

It’s a hot topic of conversation for the Administrative Center of Excellence (ACE) Members, who realize protecting the office from this year’s flu & cold season is one thing but adding the stress of how to defend themselves from this deadly virus is imperative.  Pressure increases for these Assistants as schedules rapidly change, major events are being cancelled, customer visits postponed, product and inventories dwindle, and the rush to organize corporate board meetings in preparation of strategies on what to do next becomes a fire drill on prevention.  It’s something ACE members are facing today.

The Administrative Center of Excellence (ACE) conducted a survey of their members, who represent several Fortune 100 listed Silicon Valley companies, with combined revenues of over $132 Billion. The members report directly to CEOs or C-Suite Executives. The companies of these Administrative Professionals are taking precautions to protect their employees, with most plans previously in place as part of corporate crises preparedness.

Here are 5 key company precautions ranked top in the survey.

  1. Advise employees to stay home if not feeling well. 
  2. Limit all business travel domestic and international, unless required and travel approved by EVP of region or territory.  
  3. Have security/safety guidelines in place for anyone entering offices, including customers and vendors. Include infectious disease guidelines provided by CDC
  4. Create a crisis management team to monitor the Coronavirus updates, help develop an action plan, and communicate as needed to enable the CEO and C-Suite team to be proactive with employees, customers, Board members and vendors.
  5. Encourage employees to utilize conferencing service to limit travel, and where allowed become a virtual worker, or working from home.

Many of the survey results offered common sense hygiene, such as washing hands, stay home if your sick, wear a mask to protect others. If your company has discussed this, please share your ideas.


Joanne Linden, CPS, CEAP, CWCA
Founder & Facilitator
The Administrative Center of Excellence™

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