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5 Benefits of Networking Events

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It’s too easy to shy away from meeting others in a similar role – Maybe we’re too busy? Maybe it’s just uncomfortable? Whatever your reason, it’s not an excuse! Getting out there and connecting with professionals in the same role really has advantages. The problem is that there aren’t enough specific networking events for peers in the same career to meet and greet. Why not start your own event and cultivate your own tribe? Here are 5 reasons that these events will be beneficial to everyone and why I founded the Administrative Center of Excellence™ (ACE).



Everyone you meet will be in different stages of their career. Some will be looking for someone who will take them under their wing, and others are looking to teach the rookies all the essentials to grow in their role. If you are the one who is putting these events together, don’t count anyone out. You never know who will be bringing some serious knowledge and experience to the table, or who might really need that inspiration and encouragement! 



New Ideas and Innovations

With individuals from all different industries, size companies, experience levels, you will really get a healthy serving of perspective. Even though all the roles revolve around a similar structure, each industry has its own set of challenges. It’s incredibly helpful to see how other Administrative Professionals problem-solve through different obstacles, or how they may deal effectively with communication to the Executives. There is a lot to learn from others when you look around you – what better way to hone your skills than to learn from those who have been there and solved that?


Improving Communication

Communication is an ongoing opportunity throughout your career. In every situation you will be dealing with a new unique personality and communication style. The more people you interact with will prepare you for all sorts of communication quirks you may come across in your day-to-day and planning. The more of a Rockstar you are with communication, the swifter you will gain respect from those around you and ultimately evolve upwards in your career. 



New Friends with Common Interests

The workplace can be a stressful environment, therefore having comrades who understand where you are coming from can be a very comforting. You will also find that having the same occupation translates into similar lifestyles and interests. Just from a mental health standpoint, it is a great thing to have a solid group of friends to spend time-off with, and these types of peer networking events are a fantastic place to develop friendships. Or perhaps you are passionate about your career and your company peers do not feel the same way. Having relationships with others who are as passionate about their career as you are will give you the justification you need to continue to grow.


Self Confidence

The more you invest time into networking events, the more you will find that your self-confidence will grow as well. Being in a situation where you can confidently speak to your specific skill set and help others around you will evolve your sense of self-worth and provide validation that is valuable for motivating you to climb even higher in your role. 




With these and so many other benefits resulting from peer networking events, why wait any longer? If you can’t find one in your local area, be the one who ignites the fire in those around you. You can even team up with another Executive Assistant and together you will create the necessary environment for like-minded individuals to connect and grow together!


About ACE – Our mission is to provide a platform for CEO and C-Suite Assistants to share and compare best practices; discover how to become leaders and advocates for our administrative teams; discuss challenges of supporting a high-powered CEO; determine how to take the CEO/EA partnership to the next level making the CEO/Assistant team as dynamic as possible and in the process enhancing the CEO’s productivity.

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