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Gain newfound time working strategically with an Executive Assistant.

Entrepreneurs are just as guilty of trying to do everything themselves as anyone else, if not more. It’s part of that constant brainstorming, planning mindset. But what they don’t realize until they slow down long enough, is how much more efficient and productive they would be with their time if they were to delegate tasks to others, like an Administrative Assistant. So how can an Entrepreneur change their perspective on delegation and learn how to save at least 20% of their time? Here’s 3 “Points of Wisdom” (POWs) that just might set the stage for an improved strategic partnership with your Administrative Assistant:

POW #1 – How much is your time worth?

As a busy Entrepreneur, you will get to a point that self-evaluation of your time is imperative to running your business. What is the true value of your time? For example, if you were to save time in one area of your daily tasks, how would you invest that newfound time? It’s important that the Executive/Boss really pays attention to what they’re daily tasks entail and quantify the work they “must” do versus what can be delegated.

A common practice among many Executive’s is to hang onto the tasks that are accomplishable and more tangible, even though these tasks can be completed by someone else. Often tasks that can be delegated to a trusted Assistant, can leave you free to do what you do best — strategy, sales, operations, or making difficult decisions.  It’s human nature to sometimes give your brain a bit of a break by doing task-oriented work which can be delegated. It’s hard to let go of those tasks because now you are forced to structure your time doing the difficult work and perhaps emotionally taxing decisions that only you need to make.

POW #2 – What are you spending time on

Understanding how much value you bring and where that could be better spent is a matter of going through the day and mapping out where and how your time is being spent. Nothing beats having a clear picture of the data in front of you to bring clarity and help develop a plan. Executives/Bosses should ask themselves, “Can somebody else be doing this for me? making these travel arrangements? scheduling these meetings? following up on phone calls? getting the action items from the staff that they’ve been following up on? put the preliminary PowerPoint together”? Taking a PowerPoint presentation as an example, the Executive could sit down and explain their vision for the presentation and have the Executive Assistant put it together.

POW # 3 – Strategic Partner or Order Taker?  Finding the Right Fit.

Often, an Entrepreneur feels that they need to be fully in control of all the details, because that’s how they got to where they are. They’ve grown the organization pretty much by themselves and they don’t understand what a Professional Assistant brings to the table. When an Entrepreneur hires their first assistant, they need to hire someone who has been there and done that for somebody else – someone who can assertively take away some of the things that they are doing, especially because the Entrepreneur or Executive to change their belief system “they are the only one that can do those tasks.”.

The reason you would need a seasoned Executive Assistant for a first-time Executive is simple. If you have never used an assistant before, you are not aware how to properly utilize their skills. An experienced EA can educate you on proper time management based on the tasks list and corresponding skills between the two of you. On the other hand, if you decide to hire a first-time EA, you both most likely will be spinning your wheels, with wasted time that could be more productively spent elsewhere. After the assistant is hired, the important decision that the Executive needs to make is that they are ready to relinquish control and let someone else do what they’ve been doing by themselves all this time.

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