Are You a Rockstar Admin? – Part 2

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In our last blog, we covered the first 5 Rockstar Traits that define a Rockstar Admin. Today we continue our list to round out your skill set checklist. Take a moment to review the first set skills – if you had to give yourself a rating from 1-5 on each one, where would you rank? Which are your strongest traits, and what are the skills that need a little more polishing? It’s extremely beneficial to your growth, to be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses – Especially when you are trying to reach your goals.

6. Adaptability

Being an Admin is often like a surfer on a crazy big wave. You have to learn to balance on the board, use your body to steer and jump as the rushing water is coming at you. Surfers tackle those big waves with grace, gliding along making it look so easy. That’s exactly how adaptability comes into your role as an Admin. Every day is a new challenge, you don’t always know what to expect, but you glide, bounce and cut through the waves with grace and balance.

7. Tech Savvy

Being tech savvy is something that you must keep after constantly. In today’s world with all the new gadgets emerging faster than you can brew your morning coffee, it takes a certain dedication to stay on top of what new programs and devices are trending and which ones are worth learning and teaching to your team. As an Administrative Professional, systems, software and devices are what allow you to run your day flawlessly and multitask without having a meltdown by the end of the day. Being tech savvy may not come naturally to everyone, but with your mindset focused on keeping an eye out, you can learn it all.

8. Attention to Detail

It’s amazing what you can tell about anything by paying attention to the details. One of the advantages of being in the role of an Admin, is that you are able to see almost everything that is going on throughout the day. People come to you for assistance, you are involved in almost everything to some degree. This gives you access to all the little things, all the details. You would be the first to notice if something is missing, if someone is sad or frustrated, and also if you notice that people are happier and more energized. Attention to detail also means that when you are planning something – a trip, an event, a report – you are careful to make sure everything is where it needs to be, and everything comes together in a professional way. You know that everything, every detail, is a communication.

9. Big Picture Thinking

As important as it is to notice all the little details, stay on top of the individual tasks, etc., it is also vital that you have the ability to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Pausing to take a look at the bigger picture puts things into perspective. You can see if things are trending towards your goals. This also helps to evaluate which little details are making a big impact on the bigger picture, and which details you can relax about and possibly even do away with. Sometimes, people get so focused on all the small tasks, just working towards getting them done and getting them done faster, that they don’t realize they have really just veered off the map in regards to the goal. It’s so important to make it a point to stop and step back. Don’t get so caught up in the routine and the “go-go-go” that you aren’t double-checking to make sure it’s all serving a bigger purpose.

10. Servant’s Heart

At the end of the day, you may still be working on some of these skills, not everyone has mastered 100% of this list – but there is one skill that separates you from the flock; having a servant’s heart. Servant Leadership is one of the most important skills that an Administrative Professional should have. Rather than a skill, this should really just be in your nature. That humility and heart towards helping others is why your role is so incredibly important. You have the ability and the responsibility to really bridge the gaps that you have identified using all the other skills. A Servant’s Heart really utilizes so many of the other skills – emotional intelligence, adaptability, intuition – which creates this kind of superpower. With your Servant’s Heart, not only will you make a difference in the flow and productivity of your team, but you will make an impact on their lives.

How many of these skills have you mastered? Where do you feel you need to strengthen yourself the most? We would love to hear your feedback, so we can share our experiences with you to help to boost you forward in your role. If you like these blogs and the information we cover, you’d love our social media! Continual learning is what makes you a Rockstar in your role! We look forward to your feedback, questions and comments, or sign up for our upcoming workshops!


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