Are You a Rockstar Admin? 10 Traits to use as Self Evaluation – Part 1

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Admins, it’s that time of year when reviews are coming around. One of the best ways to knock it out of the park, is to be prepared for your evaluation by doing a little self-evaluation of your own! How honest can you be with yourself? One of the greatest ways to grow as a professional is through being able to see yourself in the third person – from the outside. The other is being able to take criticism, whether it is from yourself, your peers, or your boss. Take a look at this list of skills that define a “Rockstar Admin”, and then try to evaluate your own performance in your role against these skills. If you notice skills that you haven’t mastered, this is great news! Being able to recognize these opportunities will allow you the chance to add these new skills into your “Admin Toolbox” and bring additional value to your role.

1.Proper Etiquette

[Almost] all of us say, “please”, and “thank you”, but etiquette extends much further beyond that. As an Administrative Professional, you will be interacting with many different types of people, in different positions, and from various cultures. That means that you must first do a little digging when approaching any type of communication with a new person. This also applies to simple tasks, such as answering phones, taking messages and making arrangements. It’s important, not only to read people, but to react accordingly, calmly and professionally at all times.

2.Meticulous Organization

As an Administrative Professional, you are constantly juggling different tasks and having new projects added to your list at any given time. With everything that falls under your list of responsibilities, you must be able to organize everything from your time management, to where you file hard copies of documents, and even down to where you keep your stapler. Organization is such a crucial tool, you need to have a system for everything so that you can turn on “Auto Pilot” for those recurring tasks. This also includes prioritizing. Whether you are organizing your time or your office supplies, identifying what needs attention first or is most needed will help you create the most efficient workflow or routine.

3.Emotional Intelligence 

Every single day you are interacting with people. Your boss, your team, vendors, etc. Similar to having proper etiquette, you need to have the emotional intelligence to determine how to interact with various people. Along with this, emotional intelligence means that you are able to read situations, tone and expressions when you are approaching any situation. You have a bird’s eye view of your team and can easily identify the patterns in behavior. Who is a little off today? What cues tell you that? How should you approach and resolve the issue? These are important questions to ask yourself daily, to monitor your team and keep the morale high across the board. Here are the reasons why your emotional intelligence comes into play to create a cohesive team atmosphere:


  • Emotional intelligence makes people easy to work with. Admins attuned to the emotions of others achieve better results from negotiations and other interactions. Emotional intelligence translates to better outcomes in dealing with all people and all situations, making it a must-have skill for Admins, who have to request work, perform work, and negotiate about work with tons of people.
  • Emotional intelligence helps people manage the emotions of others. This ability to read people helps Admins anticipate the needs of bosses and other key associates. For example, guessing that a boss is unhappy with a report gives an ambitious Admin the chance to win favor by redirecting or reframing the conversation.
  • Emotional intelligence makes conflict resolution a breeze. Understanding emotions makes dealing with emotions, even negatives ones, easier. And knowing how to deal with emotions gives Admins the tools to resolve any conflict.
  • Emotional intelligence makes stress easier to manage. Emotionally intelligent Admins can recognize the signs of their own stress and realize it’s time for a meditation break.

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4.Creative Problem Solving

How many times have you been asked to execute a task, only to find out that you don’t have essential items that you need? Maybe it was while planning an office event, or preparing to entertain an important guest? It seems like things are either never where they are supposed to be or missing altogether. This is why as an Administrative Professional, you basically need to be resourceful like MacGyver to create a solution out of thin air – like magic! Well basically, you need to have the capacity to think outside-the-box in a creative and calm manner.

5.Incredible Intuition

Have you ever been able to see a conflict brewing before it had ever made its appearance? Were you able to use that foresight to create a solution to swiftly diffuse the situation? Most Admins can tell you multiple occurrences where they utilized their incredible intuition to address obstacles before they ever happened. This is a mark of an Admin who has been in their field for years and gained this ability to anticipate situations. However, some are just born with this natural ability to basically serve as an office psychic – in a manner of speaking – to help solve problems before they become big enough to stop production.


…To read the last 5 Skills, make sure you tune-in to our blog next week when we serve up more information about how to perform like a rockstar in your role!



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