AI – Are EAs in Danger of Losing Their Jobs to Technology?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is evolving at an extraordinary rate and it has certainly started to cause much disruption across different types of industries. However, many roles are still incredibly valuable because of the human input. Let’s look at scheduling, for example. Today, many of you are spending 80% of your scheduling time on the mundane aspects of this task, and only 20% of your time on the more creative and valuable aspects of scheduling. AI will allow us to reverse this ratio. This should be good news for those of you who enjoy being thoughtful and creative. Machines will eliminate the ‘stupid’ mistakes in order to free up your time for more meaningful work.

No, You Won’t be Replaced

Technology will (should) drive humans towards the more strategic aspects of their professional (and personal) lives. While Artificial Intelligence may be faster and better at processing technical solutions than the vast majority of us, AI does not have our human capacity for pattern recognition, judgment, creativity, or personal touch.

How Can We Be More Productive?

The underlying problem of our busy work weeks is that they’re hectic and full of multitasking. Sometimes, trying to maintain productivity in the workplace can be downright overwhelming. Often, we overcommit to tasks and projects that interfere with our overall productivity and work/life balance. On one hand, we have skilled humans. On the other hand, we have skilled Artificial Intelligence taught by skilled humans.

Scheduling: Human Assistants Do It Better Than AI

Let’s take a brief look at whether Artificial Intelligence or humans can better prioritize, centralize, and schedule our tasks in the most relevant, efficient way.

Executive Assistants can prioritize your calendar management both subjectively and objectively based on your personal preferences, routines, behaviors, and factors like timing, importance of client, location, and the like. Flesh and blood Assistants ask questions and make judgments that AI can’t, which goes a long way in explaining why personal assistants are adored by those they support.

The point here is that if real life Executive Assistants are proactive and creative about the way they tackle business processes, there will never be a worry about Artificial Intelligence taking over their role. 

Meet Joanne Linden, CPS, CEAP, CWCA President and Master Trainer