Developing Leadership Skills – Part 1

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For most Administrative Professionals, leadership skills do not flawlessly develop overnight. They are collected and refined over time. In this two-part blog series, I will explore the Top 5 Leadership Skills needed to improve both resume development and role effectiveness. Communication Communicating as a leader is a magical craft. As an Administrative Professional, you communicate … Read more

Top 4 Interpersonal Skills Admins Must Possess

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As an Administrative Professional, you are at times the backbone of the company; supporting workflows, putting out fires, organizing everything from files to events, and oh – coordinating and integrating a variety of different personalities and skill sets. In many cases, you bridge the gap between departments, foster efficient communication and encourage a healthy morale. … Read more

Create a Welcoming Team Spirit!

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Why? Team Spirit is more than just having company pride. Team Spirit is a phenomenal tool to foster happiness, relationships, communication, teamwork and ultimately a productive workplace! Before you can coach your team on the importance of this concept, you must truly understand how vital this component is to your company. As an Administrative Professional, … Read more

Attitude? What Attitude?

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  1. What Drives You? Behind every person walking into work, follows a reason. For some people it is a child, a partner – a family. For others it is possessions, getting that fabulous car or rewarding yourself with that Oscar-worthy outfit. Some people work to travel, experience new views, new cultures or meet new … Read more

Setting Course for Success

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Importance of Relationship Determining your mindset going into this new role is going to be one of the key factors of your success. As a leader, you are the Captain now, and therefore it is within your power and responsibility to set the course and navigate this partnership towards a “bright new world”! Your assistant … Read more

Getting the BOSS to say YES!

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From “quality of life” requests like a stand-up desk or ergonomically correct chair, to office upgrades such as new software or equipment and of course, the daunting task of requesting a raise or promotion, getting your boss to say YES is all about HOW you make your case. Here are 6 Points of Wisdom (POW’s) … Read more

Spring Fling – Procrastinators Wanted

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George Carlin — ‘A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.’ With the start of summer growing closer, getting your office and home organized is a priority for some and more of a pain for others. I take pride in being the organized one (both … Read more

Admin Recognition — When the Day turned into a Week —

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Admin Recognition — When the Day turned into a Week — This past week for Administrative Professionals was the best ever. A celebration of recognition that originally was just one day, has turned into a global phenomenon and lasts a week. Locally, we enjoyed the celebration put on by OfficeNinjas and their Admin Bash event … Read more

What’s Your Plan Of Action For An Active Shooter In The C-Suite?

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Given the news of late, it brought to mind the security procedures that were implemented by a previous employer. Several years ago, a panic button had been installed at my desk and my co-worker’s desk after a shooting had occurred at a Bay Area company. Just having that button at my fingertips calmed my nerves … Read more

Selecting a Partnership Style that Works with Your Manager

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“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” These words attributed to Confucius, the famed Chinese Philosopher who died in 479 BC, and since then the quote has been pointed toward more modern-day alumni, never-the-less, the adage still rings true today. But simply “doing what you … Read more