6 Ways to Fix the Kinks in Your Team Alignment

6 Ways to Fix the Kinks in Your Team Alignment

Just like having your spine aligned to allow for proper circulation and energy flow, aligning with your team creates a work environment that is not only efficient, but incredibly productive. To some it may mean that everyone is getting on the same page with the details, where others may see it as taking a look at the bigger picture. Regardless of why they feel alignment is important, proper team alignment is essential to helping your teammates to stay focused and maximize profits for your company.

With the growing amount of competition, businesses can’t waste time ignoring this important success factor of aligning their team. Here are six Points of Wisdom (POW) that are essential ways to align focus and get your team back on track:

POW # 1. Don’t rely on he-said-she-said. Remember that game we used to play as children? Telephone? A line of people forms and the first person begins by whispering a phrase into the ear of the person next to them. By the time this whispered message traveled down the line, it was hilariously unrecognizable when compared to the real thing. Communication can happen just like that in the office; however, it doesn’t always end in laughs, but rather conflict. Skip the game and make sure any information you are receiving is coming straight from the source.

POW # 2. Relate routine efforts to overall goals. This will enable managers and employees to more clearly visualize how their team and individual work contribute to the larger company strategies and success. Sometimes p

eople lose track of how even the smallest routine task is benefitting the end-goal. Everything matters, so creating an environment of performing with intention is crucial to drive a business to success.

POW# 3. Every team member must commit. It’s about accountability and morale support. If everyone is participating together to accomplish a goal, there will be conversation about it, shared struggles and triumphs, and an overall sense of team accomplishment once the goal is met. What better way to get everyone aligned, than to help them visualize and commit to this train you are all aboard?


POW# 5. Recognize, reward and play to strengths. It is no secret that positive feedback will work as a type of incentive to motivate your team members to keep going strong. A Gallup study found strengths-based employee feedback resulted in a 12.5 percent increase in productivity. Understanding what employees’ strengths are and utilizing them to align employees with the company’s goals will help everyone succeed, so pull out a notebook and start observing.


POW# 6. Encourage transparency from the top. Creating an environment of honesty and openness contributes to the positive morale in the workplace. It is important to maintain a high level of transparency throughout the entire company and allow leaders to see the productivity of employees – to ensure that all team members are working towards the same goals.

When properly implemented, team alignment can be the defining factor in the success of a company. Adjust your focus to align team members and get them on track by staying committed to the company goals, being transparent and communicating directly to the source. This will help your team feel more engaged and motivated to play a role in the company’s success and stay aligned with its goals.


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