Are You a Rockstar Admin? – Part 2

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In our last blog, we covered the first 5 Rockstar Traits that define a Rockstar Admin. Today we continue our list to round out your skill set checklist. Take a moment to review the first set skills – if you had to give yourself a rating from 1-5 on each one, where would you rank? Which are your strongest traits, and what are the skills that need a little more polishing? It’s extremely beneficial to your growth, to be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses – Especially when you are trying to reach your goals.

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Are You a Rockstar Admin? 10 Traits to use as Self Evaluation – Part 1

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Admins, it’s that time of year when reviews are coming around. One of the best ways to knock it out of the park, is to be prepared for your evaluation by doing a little self-evaluation of your own! How honest can you be with yourself? One of the greatest ways to grow as a professional is through being able to see yourself in the third person – from the outside. The other is being able to take criticism, whether it is from yourself, your peers, or your boss. Take a look at this list of skills that define a “Rockstar Admin”, and then try to evaluate your own performance in your role against these skills. If you notice skills that you haven’t mastered, this is great news! Being able to recognize these opportunities will allow you the chance to add these new skills into your “Admin Toolbox” and bring additional value to your role.

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