3 Incentives to Energize Your Team for March

Incentivize Your Team for March

How many of you are familiar with that lethargic drag that inevitably comes around this time of year? Here we are, entering our third month of the year. The holidays are over, that initial “New Year Resolution” period is something of the past, and you are really getting into the grit of the year. The truth is, whether you are an Administrative Professional or an Executive, you can bet that if you are feeling the drag, so is the rest of your office. So what do you do?

One of the best things you can do for your team is incentivize. That means adding a little sparkle to those high priority tasks or projects that need to be completed. March is a great month to inject a little “Umph” into your workplace, because this is when they really need it -as do you!

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Aligning Expectations Between Admins & Execs

First day of your new job, or in your new role. You prepare the perfect outfit, you place each hair in perfect order. Maybe you are also taking your time to apply your makeup flawlessly. You step into each shoe with purpose. Quickly you tap the buttons, and the coffee begins to percolate. You breathe in the aroma and think forward to your day; how you will carry yourself, making certain to smile at everyone, settling into your desk and approaching each task with determination.

Just as you envision your day and how to best set yourself up for success, you should have conversations with your boss from day one. Prepare your own list of personal expectations that you must meet in order to fulfill your own personal goals, along with another list of how you want to meet specific goals within the company and some plan to get there. When you sit down with your boss, have these ready to communicate, as well as asking what the expectations are for you in your role.

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