Your Time is Precious

Powering up Vs. Recharging

We live in this intense world. A world that teaches us not only to multitask, but to do it with a sense of urgency. Although being able to juggle different tasks and do it quickly and efficiently is fantastic for your role in the office, it may not be so great if you don’t set boundaries for yourself. Taking time to relax and have fun is not something that is spoken about as often in the business world, but it just as necessary for being a productive power player! Here is our quick and easy method for making sure you are a rockstar at work and at home.


You may have heard me say this before – preparation is the key to success. Getting all your ducks in a row. Especially if you are that particularly gifted type of person who constantly gleans inspiration from everything in your environment in an effort to really reach outside your responsibilities. If that sounds familiar, I’m looking right at you today! Your personality is the most prone to working endlessly, ever reaching, never feeling like you have done enough. It’s a wonderful attitude, no doubt about it, but you are most likely to forget to let yourself rest and revive.

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Meet Your New Boss

The Rise of Younger Bosses & Making Successful Teams

Meet Your New Boss - The Rise of Younger Bosses & Making Successful Teams

Just when you thought working with Millennials would be challenging, welcome Gen Z. How you survive and thrive in organizations that grow younger by the day, all depends on your attitude.

“Alexa!”, “Hey Google!”, are two examples of how AI integration of technology touch our world and understanding today’s digital age brings both excitement and woes. As a Baby Boomer, I see the convenience in digital versions of products such as books, films and magazines, and endless on-line learning possibilities. On the other hand, I feel obligated to keep up with everything that is changing, and let’s be honest, it’s much easier to learn and adapt at a young age. When my granddaughter (pictured above) was just 2 years old, she already mastered her learning games on an iPad. Now we begin to see children, even as young as 8 years old, becoming entrepreneurs, creating products and services that have found success.  Meet your new boss!

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