Leaders that Hide an Introvert Secret.

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Recently, I posted a TedxBend® which discussed why introverts make good leaders. This reminded me of an interview with OfficeNinjas where they asked me “Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert? How does that affect you as a leader?” My answer: I am an introvert.

For me, it’s been a struggle at times, being in a room full of people, yet too shy to speak up. But one of the best compliments I have received is that I’m a good listener. It’s a trait of introverts, who have an ability to quietly process their thoughts, humility, a calm and collected demeanor, and make meaningful connections. When you think about this, they are all great traits that make for great leaders.

However, it’s tough being an introvert, and I remember a time when it was almost paralyzing, especially in a business meeting where I was expected to talk. Surrounded in a room filled with top management and executives, I’m sitting and listening, really hoping I wasn’t being noticed and most certainly hoping not to be called on to speak. If you haven’t gone through this emotion, let me just say there is lots of anxiety happening.

What helped me to somewhat overcome this shy type of behavior was to look to my peers for inspiration and guidance. I joined Executive Assistant communities such as International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), Silicon Valley Catalysts Association (SVCA), and Administrative Center of Excellence™ (ACE) along with public speaking groups like Dale Carnegie Training and Toastmasters.

Take a look at this TedxBend® video with Angela Hucles as she asks “Why we need introverted leaders.”

AdminUniverse - Joanne Linden - Leadership



AdminUniverse - Joanne Linden - LeadershipMeet Joanne Linden, CPS, CEAP, President and Master Trainer, who was an administrative professional herself, and her teaching style is grounded in authentic office experience. AdminUniverse™ can help you improve yourself, widen your skill set, and advance your career. Connect: joanne.linden@adminuniverse.com.

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CEO Admin to Benefit from Peer-to-Peer Network Platform

From: Allan Linden – ACE (Administrative Center of Excellence)

CEO Admin to Benefit from Peer-to-Peer Network Platform

Administrative Center of Excellence (ACE) – Launch Sacramento and Silicon Valley

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Administrative Center of Excellence (ACE) announced today the launch of Sacramento based platform providing CEO, CFO, CHRO, CMO, CIO/CTO Assistants with a unique ability to share and compare best practices with peers at their level in similar organizations. Founded by Joanne Linden, CPS, CEAP and President/Founder of AdminUniverse™ in Silicon Valley in 2013, the focus of this organization is aimed at Administrative teams; giving them the ability to discuss challenges of supporting high-powered CEO/C-suite teams; give fresh ideas on how to take their EA partnership to the next level; and develop CEO/C-suite/Assistant teams to be as dynamic as possible while enhancing the productivity of their executives.

“It is my goal to enable Administrative Leaders to better understand the global perspective on what it takes to be the crusader supporting your organization’s admin community; build on what you have; and deliver programs that inspire participation,” said Joanne Linden. “Just as important is delivering a platform in which Admin’s can share ideas with peers at their level which never before was available.”

“For me, as then Chief Executive Assistant to the CEO/Founder of Synopsys Inc, a multi-billion-dollar global organization, I always felt there wasn’t a place where I could meet with peers and discuss the challenges I faced daily, especially at this level of both my company and high-powered executive. I formed ACE to address this unique need and meet other Administrative Professionals who are leaders in their organizations. The results were and are amazing, and members offer a rich peer-to-peer network of knowledge and experience,” stated Joanne Linden.

Membership, in both Sacramento and Silicon Valley areas, include quarterly 3-hour meetings, and a once a year, one-day ACE Summit in which there will be multiple speakers and all ACE groups will be invited to attend. In addition, CEO/EA teams, ACE groups will be formed by discipline such as for CFO assistants, CHRO assistants, CMO assistants, CIO/CTO assistants, etc.

ACE announces its first annual summit, Saturday, November 10, 2018. Titled “Unleashing the Leader Within You” the day long program features 3 top industry leaders: Michelle Galloway (Topic: Becoming More Effective in Multi-generational Environments); AmyK Hutchens (Topic: Ignite Brilliance in Your Leadership) and Ingrid Gudenas (Topic: Causative Communications). The cost of this summit is included with ACE membership. (SOLD OUT)


More details on Administrative Center of Excellence (ACE) can be found at www.ACE-EA.com. Membership is now open for groups forming in the Sacramento area and Silicon Valley for 2019.

Meet Joanne Linden, CPS, CEAP, President Master Trainer, and Author, who was an administrative professional herself, and her teaching style is grounded in authentic office experience. Connect: joanne.linden@ACE-EA.com.

ACE – Administrative Center of Excellence / ACE-EA.com

Allan Linden, CMO