Attitude? What Attitude?

Happy Professional
4 Tricks to Having a Contagious Positive Attitude

1. What Drives You?

Behind every person walking into work, follows a reason. For some people it is a child, a partner – a family. For others it is possessions, getting that fabulous car or rewarding yourself with that Oscar-worthy outfit. Some people work to travel, experience new views, new cultures or meet new people. Some people just need to keep a roof over their head and food on their plate. However, according to a survey done by Workplace Dynamics, most people desire to feel connected and appreciated. Being able to identify your ultimate driving factor is essential to continuing to be the most incredibly motivated version of yourself.

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Setting Course for Success

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Advice for Newly Promoted Executives Managing Their First Assistant.

Importance of Relationship

Determining your mindset going into this new role is going to be one of the key factors of your success. As a leader, you are the Captain now, and therefore it is within your power and responsibility to set the course and navigate this partnership towards a “bright new world”! Your assistant is your first mate, and this strategic partnership has just entered the high seas. The success of your adventures will depend on the type of bond that you form and being able to know and play off of each other’s strengths and opportunities. Essentially, you are mapping out a course, not just of where you will travel together, but how this partnership will be executed.

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