What’s Your Plan Of Action For An Active Shooter In The C-Suite?

Emergency Action Plans can be effective in evacuating people, and putting safety protocols in place, while emergency drills & training exercises can help you recognize the sound of gunshots, find evacuation routes, hiding places or last resort options. It is always wise to be prepared.
Given the news of late, it brought to mind the security procedures that were implemented by a previous employer. Several years ago, a panic button had been installed at my desk and my co-worker’s desk after a shooting had occurred at a Bay Area company. Just having that button at my fingertips calmed my nerves knowing that if I ever had the need to push it, help would instantly be on the way…or would it? After a year or two had passed, my co-worker and I began to wonder exactly what would happen if we pushed that button. We agreed it was time to review our emergency procedures with the head of security. We were stunned to find out that if the button was pushed, it would only alert our security department, they would then call our desk phone to ask if we were alright and if not then and only then would they call 911 for assistance. We joked that we would surely be dead by the time rescue arrived, but it is no longer a joking matter.

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