“Open letter to your Executive…

…3 Concepts to Turn Your Executive

Assistant into a Mind Reader”

If you are like most highly successful leaders, you have the need for your Executive Assistant to be a high-potential employee that helps you drive process and keeps up with your daily demands of running the organization. Whether it’s simple scheduling activities or taking a commanding role in keeping you organized and enabling you stay at peak performance.

Certainly if she or he could only read your mind, wouldn’t that be a benefit? Unfortunately, mind reading for Executive Assistants is only learned after many years of working with their executive. On the other hand, becoming a high-potential employee becomes your responsibility by showing unwavering support in guiding them to their ultimate career goals and potential.

If your Executive Assistant is a candidate to become a high-potential employee, here are 3 concepts that are required from you as a leader to ensure heightened performance expectations, and most importantly keeping her on-track and motivated:

Feeling valued and respected – it’s what employees desire most from their executives. They want a transparent partnership with their leader, one that allows them to share opinions and views without the risk of looking disloyal or untrustworthy.

Sponsor advancement equally – just as you encourage your executive team to open new doors of opportunity, this sponsorship needs to extend to your closest business partner, your Executive Assistant.

Invest in growth and development – by aligning your goals and needs of the organization with her career goals, you’ll ensure her skill sets stay ahead of the curve. A genuine investment in ongoing professional development reflects a long term commitment in an employee’s future with your organization and is an excellent way to retain top-talent.

As an Executive Assistant myself, I understand what it takes to be a high-potential employee and valued member of the executive team. My workshops deliver action-packed, interactive material that Executive Assistants can put to use immediately. Developed by Joan Burge and Office Dynamics, these workshops have taught thousands of administrative professionals world-wide in the art of enhanced skills, attitude, team and strategy. Our next workshop, is Star Meteor™, a one-day event Friday, June 19, 2015 I’ve attached link for more details.

I sincerely appreciate your time in reading my material and wish you and your organization a prosperous and successful 2015.

Joanne Linden | AdminUniverse™ | CAP, CEAP, Master Trainer and Author