Administrative Professionals Complementary Goals Guide & Templates

Plan the Goal. Work the Goal. Ideas to make your Goals successful.
Last week I sent you a few ideas for “breaking the code in being a creature of habit.” Well I had no idea my tips would generate so much interest, and numerous requests for an example of my decision making “A/B” list. As I sat down to format the list to share, I was inspired to write an overview for goal setting, and a number of templates you could put use immediately.

The attached guide will impart ideas for turning your goals into reality, and illustrates the five phases required in developing decision making strategies, goal creation and action items to insure goal success. The guide is a quick read and the attached templates can be customized to your needs easily in Word. Here is what is covered in the guide:

  • Phase One: Reflection
  • Phase Two: Process and Collect
  • Phase Three: Get Organized
  • Phase Four: Review
  • Phase Five: All Aboard!
  • Templates for Goals, Action Goals and A/B Decision Making Help

The guide is COMPLEMENTARY and my gift to you. Feel free to pass it along to friends and co-workers you think would benefit. Click Here to Download. Just a note, the PDF file can be formatted to Word for easy editing.

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Wishing you all the best and success in the year ahead.

Joanne Linden, CAP, CEAP
Founder, Master Trainer and Author