Confronting Workplace Challenges by Focusing on You

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Unfortunately, outside factors can create internal struggles. As an Administrative Professional, I had to resist giving challenges the power to impact my work and/or dampen my enthusiasm. Over the years as an Executive Assistant to a powerful Silicon Valley CEO, I learned from him that preparation is good…but good preparation includes thinking about the “what-ifs” … Read more

Five Ways to Express Your Servant Leadership

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As an Executive Assistant, I learned early on from the executives I’ve worked with, that they set themselves apart from other executives, in that they demonstrated leadership through service to others. Often referred to as “Servant Leadership”, they create company and team cultures reflecting sincere respect and service to others. Don’t assume that leadership qualities must have … Read more

Six Ways to Enhance Admin Creativity

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Administrative Professionals are planners, organizers, strategists, and key collaborators with their managers and peers.  Many admins will be the first to claim they aren’t creative, but what they don’t realize is that much of their work process relies on creativity. To hone your creative mind, and give a high-level view of the integration of creativity … Read more

2018: Your Year

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Everybody is looking to progress with each new year. Resolutions run wild as executives conjure up office goals for 2018. As an Administrative Professional, you may be tasked to do more than last year—especially in the beginning months! Don’t panic, don’t fret, but most importantly, don’t doubt yourself. Below, AdminUniverse outlines FOUR office trends that … Read more

It’s the Holiday Season (Whoop-de-do)

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The year is coming to a close, but as an Administrative Professional, your busiest days are still ahead of you. Holiday party planning has suddenly filled your calendar, but you can’t let daily duties fall by the wayside! So, how does one go about handling such a workload? First, take a deep breath. Next, keep … Read more

Holiday Office Party Planning 101

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Administrative Professionals don’t HAVE to plan the holiday office party—they GET to plan the office holiday party! Even though it comes around the same time every year, somehow, planning it becomes a last-minute affair. Delicious food, exciting music, and festive décor… your colleagues will be expecting all of these, but time is running out and … Read more

Organization: A Crucial Skill

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Administrative Professionals hold a unique position in the workplace.  Their ‘daily duties’ happen to be whatever needs to be done that day. Because of this lack of uniformity in their responsibilities, it can be difficult to find a rhythm, meaning it can also be easy to become disorganized. Unfortunately, this is not an option, as … Read more

Collaboration: A Step Above Coexistence

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A defining characteristic of Administrative Professionals is their ability to handle a task effectively and promptly—sometimes, without any help. However, in a modern office setting, working within a group and collaborating is becoming an increasingly essential skill. Within a company, many different kinds of people with varying personalities and skill sets must come together to … Read more

Getting the Recognition You Deserve

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Administrative Professionals play a unique role in the workplace as they are the unseen motors that keep a business moving, the behind-the-scenes catalyst that keeps a company heading in the right direction. While successful Administrative Professionals are attentive and cautious in the office, this does not mean that they must passively take a back seat … Read more

Be the Glue – Modern office survival ideas for Admins.

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Adaptive, intuitive, and driven. Administrative Professionals can take stock of what they’re given and come up with strategies to get the job done. Developing this skill is key to being successful in an office setting. Some things slip through the cracks and others are forgotten about, but even in the face of adversity, Administrative Professionals … Read more