2018: Your Year

Everybody is looking to progress with each new year. Resolutions run wild as executives conjure up office goals for 2018. As an Administrative Professional, you may be tasked to do more than last year—especially in the beginning months! Don’t panic, don’t fret, but most importantly, don’t doubt yourself. Below, AdminUniverse outlines FOUR office trends that you can use to make the most out of the new year.

2018 Happy New Year

  1. Better Communication with Executives

Communication is key. Without it, the office comes grinding to a halt. As an Administrative Professional, it falls on your shoulders to make sure that everyone is on the same page, working towards the same goal. The first step is to develop your ‘Active Listening’ skills. This is different from listening to what executives have to say, merely hearing what comes out of their mouths. Instead, focus on why what they’re saying is relevant, ask for clarification, and take notes. This will make the second step easier—clearly communicating the message to others. Be clear and concise, and bear in mind your audience. Better communication means a better, more efficient work environment.

  1. Power Collaboration

Power collaboration means bringing your ideas to the table—not just riding in the wake. As an Administrative Professional, you have a more intimate understanding of how an office functions practically. Speak up (respectfully) and be an active member of the team. You are an asset to the workplace, not just an extension of it.

  1. Training

Always make sure that you are aware and on-top of any new trends in the administrative world. This may mean learning unfamiliar computer programs, understanding different information systems, or just meeting and training new employees. Do not be afraid to learn new skills—it can only make you that much more valuable to the executives at your company.

  1. Technology

Perhaps faster than any other facet of society, technology is evolving. Keeping up with it can be difficult, but that’s no excuse to sit by and let the new generations of technology pass you by. Now more than ever, there are completely free tutorials online, allowing you to learn how they function and how best to utilize them in the workplace. You may not be able to train yourself while you’re on the clock, but taking a Saturday afternoon to do some research at home can make all the difference come Monday. Impress everyone with your initiative to stay ahead of the curve.


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