Art of Listening for Admins

Art of Listening for Admins
Professional and Personal Communications Skill 101

Listening effectively as an Administrative Professional is part art and science. Whether in business or personal life, to be a good listener requires foresight, an open mind, and an understanding you can’t talk and listen at the same time.  AdminUniverse™ offers training to give you unique advantages to really hear and comprehend what your executive and peers are saying. These listening skills will enable better insight into the working parts of a successful office team and how to capitalize on them.

What do we mean by the ‘Art of Listening?’ It means that, when people speak, there is more to listening than just hearing. There is more within a message than just the words. Sometimes, what people do not say is just as informative as what they do say. When people speak, listen. They often share more about themselves than they realize. The science of listening requires you to be an observer and read body language cues.

At AdminUniverse™, you will not learn how to take a message. However, you will learn how to be the messenger. You will learn how to navigate an office setting swiftly, being everything that your team members need and nothing they don’t. By listening effectively, you can pick up on subtleties and details that sneak by others. Sure, this skill can help an administrative assistant remember what goes in who’s coffee, but administrative professionals can utilize this skill to anticipate future needs of the company and the people that work there.

For example, suppose your team member comes into your area and states “we need to talk. I can’t believe what just happened.” What’s the person’s body language tell you? Depending, you might ask if they would prefer somewhere more private if needed, then STOP and listen. Let the person give you direction and at the same time, be more attentive when listening.

“I was called out by my executive on some work I did, and he wasn’t pleased.” She stated. Starting to blame everyone else but herself, do you start offering advice or just stop and listen? Listening is the right choice, because people like to vent and don’t necessarily want to be given advice. Becoming a powerful advocate that can be trusted to hear, interpret and respond in a way that evokes confidence, is something that is learned.

Those that have perfected the art of listening during their AdminUniverse training will understand how 90 percent of top performing Executive Assistants harness this seemingly meaningless

interaction to one of the most powerful tools in your communications toolbox. By perfecting the Art of Listening, you are impacting your office in ways others simply cannot. It is more of an art than a science because listening is not a formula for input and output. It is an ever-evolving skill that requires you to be present in the moment and aware of those around you. During your training with AdminUniverse™, you will learn what it means to be a servant based administrative professional, someone who takes an active leadership role through listening effectively and service of others.

With the lessons learned from AdminUniverse™, you can become the glue that holds an office together. You can become the catalyst that changes the way the game is played. You are more than an assistant. You are a business partner, an irreplaceable asset to the company.

Meet Joanne Linden, CPS, CEAP and master trainer, who was an administrative professional herself, and her teaching style is grounded in authentic office experience. AdminUniverse™ can help you improve yourself, widen your skill set, and advance your career. Connect: joanne.linden@adminuniverse.com

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